Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Accountability In PTI

Nepotism, Cronyism, and Intra-party corruption cost PTI NA-1 Peshawar and NA-71 Mianwali seats in By-Elections
"Imran Khan needs to overhaul his party and purge it of the elements that have their own agenda parallel to that for which he has been struggling," said an estranged party old guard on condition of anonymity" - THE NEWS , Friday, August 23, 2013

Dear PTI Supporter,
As you know PTI suffered shocking defeats in last week's By-Election on NA-1 Peshawar and NA-71 Mainwali seats and to say you are disappointed is an understatement. It is a big upset for the party that the two constituencies won by Chairman Imran Khan on May 11 were lost in a humiliating manner on August 22. The simple reason for the party defeat in NA-1 and NA-71 was allotment of party tickets to undeserving candidates while disregarding the qualified ones and ignoring the ground realities.
However, what's done is done. Question is why party failed to take lessons from the well documented wrongdoings in intra-party elections and misjudged decisions on allotment of party tickets in the general elections?
Watch the NA-1 video and review NA-71 information in the email below to understand what went wrong in in these two constituencies between May 11 and August 22 that led to the fall of PTI.
As a PTI supporter, you are angry and hurt! Use it to fuel your passion for demanding an INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTABILTY COMMISSION that can investigate not only the reasons for the allocations of By-Elections tickets to wrong persons but other cases of intra-party corruption as well. For more information about some of these cases, please visit our Facebook page at
Injustice in NA-1 Peshawar PTI By-Election Ticket Allocation.
Injustice in NA-1 Peshawar PTI By-ElectionTicket Allocation
This above video is another proof that an organized "Mafia" within PTI influenced allocation of election tickets to corrupt individuals. This happened even with allocating ticket for NA-1, Peshawar By-elections, a constituency that was originally won by Chairman Imran Khan on May 11, 2013.
The NA-1 Peshawar video features an exclusive interview with a longtime ideological PTI worker in Peshawar, Samad Mursaleen who should have been allocated PTI ticket to contest in NA-1 Peshawar By-elections on August 22, 2013. Instead the ticket was allocated to an individual named Gul Badshah who has allegedly been involved in various crimes (with 22 FIRs registered) and whose Pakistani citizenship is also questionable. Please watch and share this video as much as you can. You can also watch this video on Facebook by clicking here
NA-71 Disaster - Ayla Malik Fake FA Certicate
In NA-71, Mianwali, Imran Khan's home town constituency, it was party's wrong judgment to first allocate party ticket to a former PML-Q loyalist Ayla Malik. And then when she was declared ineligible for
contesting due to declaration of her fake FA degree, PTI leaders started giving this false impression that she was trapped and kept defending her
The reality is that her case and Lahore High Court decision was as plain as day. Please click here to see the detailed documentary evidence including the:
1- Scanned copy of her fake FA certificate,
2- A letter from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi, declaring her intermediate certificate 'bogus' and
3- Lahore High court judgment which reads, "nomination papers of the Respondent No. 2 (Ayla Malik) stands rejected as she has made a false declaration regarding her educational certificate. Her name should be removed from the list of validly nominated candidates."
Eventually, Malik Waheed, Ayla Malik's cousin and brother in law was allocated the party ticket for NA-71.
Should we justify and defend corrupt candidates and those with fake degrees just because the party nominated them? These candidates, with our support almost ended up in the National Assembly!
If supporting PTI means supporting fake degree holders and corrupt people, then why do we need to
support PTI? We already have PPP, PML-N and other parties full of fake degree holders and corrupt leaders.
If joining PTI meant that we would have to compromise on our values, then we did not sign up for this!
PTI is not PPP, PML-N or any other corrupt party. It is Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf! There should be no place for fake degree holders, corrupt leaders and their supporters in PTI!
As PTI supporters, members, donors, we have every right to demand answers and the party and its leadership should also adhere to its self-proclaimed standards of justice, accountability and transparency.
If you agree that PTI should establish an INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTABILITY COMMISSION to investigate intra-party corruption including wrong allocation of tickes and that its supporters and donors should have an open access to the information under the RIGHT TO INFORMATION principles, then please join us on the Facebook to support this cause:
There is a mafia within PTI behind all this corruption and it needs to be dealt with. Enough is enough! You can contact Chairman Imran Khan at regarding your concerns.
Thank you!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

National Anthem

66 Years Of Independence

Pakistan became an independent country in 1947. The day is a national holiday in Pakistan. The day is celebrated all over the country with flag raising ceremonies, tributes to the national heroes and fireworks taking place in the capital, Islamabad. The main celebrations takes place in Islamabad, where the President and Prime Minister raise the national flag at the Presidential and Parliament buildings and deliver speeches that are televised live. In the speech, the leaders highlight the achievements of the government, goals set for the future and in the words of the father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam, bring “Unity, Faith and Discipline” to its people.

Independence Day (Urdu: یوم آزادی‎; Yaum-e Āzādī), observed annually on August 14, is a national holiday in Pakistan, commemorating the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation, following the end of the British Raj in 1947. Pakistan came into existence as a result of the Pakistan Movement; the Pakistan Movement aimed for creation of an independent Muslim state by division of the north-western region of the South Asia and was led by All-India Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The event was brought forth by the Indian Independence Act 1947 in which the British Indian Empire was divided into two new countries—the Dominion of India (later the Republic of India) and the Dominion of Pakistan (later the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) which included the West Pakistan (present Pakistan) and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

In the Islamic calendar, the day of independence coincided with Ramadan 27, the eve of which is regarded as sacred by Muslims. The main ceremony takes place in Islamabad, where the national flag is hoisted at the Presidential and Parliament buildings, which is followed by the national anthem, and live televised speeches by leaders. Usual celebratory events this day include flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural events, and the playing of patriotic songs. A number of award ceremonies are often held on this day, and citizens often hoist the national flag atop their homes or display it prominently on their vehicles and attire.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to awll the followers and our fans on facebook twitter and google plus .
Its 66th for pakistan .

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cheif Justice Ka Insaaf

Pakistan ki awam ko bewaqof bnana shayed dunia ka sab se aasan kam ha mje bre afsoos se kehna par raha ha ka hum wo qoam ha jis ko is bat ki kushi hote ha ka hmare shehr ma sirf 12 ghante load shadding hote ha hme peene ka saaf pani din ma 2 gante milta ha hmare mulak ma log is bat pa kushi manate han ka petrol ki qeemat ma 5 rupee azaafe ka bad 1 rupee ki qami ho gae nehaiyat sharmindgi ki bat ha magr in politicians ne hme bht jaldi samajh lia or ab hme bewaqoof bnane ma inhe blkul b mehnat ni karni parti hm soo rahe hn hmare lie drone attacks koi khas meaning nahi rakhte kiun ka hm punjab ma rehte hn ya sindh ma lekin jin ka aik b member drone attacks ma mara jata ha SOCHIE kia wo kal ko pakistan ki behtre chahenge??
Cheif Justice ne kal ka ajeeb drama shuru kia hua ha jab phone ma ghanto Altaf Hussain Baaqwas Karta ha Tab CJ So raha tha kia ?Jab petrol or CNG ki qeemton ma azafa hua tb CJ so raha tha ? Affedrin Case or GHQ ka wqat CJ kaha tha ? Jab koi bnda koi sahi baat krta ha to sab us ke khilaf hte hn Imran khan ne to itna he kaha tha na ka hm ne ap pa aitmad kia or ap ne hme dhoka dia kia ghalat kaha us ne ? Kia CJ ko mulak ma or koi masla ni naazar ata?
Ma  ap ko aj bata raha hn ka CJ ko ye Case bohat mehnga pare ga Awaam Imran Khan Ka Sath ha or Agr CJ ne koi action lia to Awaam ne roads pa nikal ana ha or is bar ye samunder bohat bara ho ga jo CJ ka sath sath shayed Nawaz Sharif ko baha la jaye !

Friday, July 19, 2013

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